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Una Lee & Peter Wullen

País Belgium / Republic of Korea

Peter Wullen (Belgium)
web blog:

Peter Wullen is a poet and a writer. He publishes articles about fringe music and culture in national and international magazines. Poems were published in several litmags. He also works in the medium of video & audiopoetry. Currently working with South Korean experimental musician Una Lee and some other sound artists.

Una Lee (Republic of Korea)

Una Lee is a Korean sound artist, always in pursuit of found sound. She works mainly with manipulated found sound materials, combining with improvised music, sound poetry and written instrumental music to create unique soundscapes.


The piece I sent for the DVD was made together with Korean experimental artist Una Lee and is called 'MUTATIONS'. It was loosely based on 'Mutation', a relatively quiet soundpiece by the late great Japanese sound artist Aube and by Zbigniew Karkowski. They are two giants of noise music who passed away last year. The spoken poem itself is a mashup of parts of Armand Marie Leroy's book 'Mutants: on the form, varieties and errors of the human body'.

Peter Wullen

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