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Gen Ken Montgomery

Ciudad New York
País USA

Gen Ken Montgomery is a New York-based artist whose involvement in the cassette-culture and mail-art movements of the late seventies led to the creation of Generator, New York’s first sound art gallery (1989). At Generator Montgomery amassed what is now a time capsule of internationally produced art in the form of cassettes, records, zines, letters and ephemera from the days before the internet when artists collaborated and corresponded internationally by post. Montgomery has collaborated with many legends of the music/sound noise underground including G. X. Jupitter Larson, Scott Konzelmann (CHOP SHOP), David Lee Myers (Arcane Device), Al Margolis (If, Bwana), Istvan Kantor (Monty Cantsin), Michael Zodorozny (Crash Course in Science) and Conrad Schnitzler whose octophoninc Music in the Dark Cassette CONcerts Montgomery continues to perform.

Montgomery co-founded Generations Unlimited, Pogus and A.T.M.O.T.W. (Art Is Throwing Money Out The Window). Montgomery playfully thrives in a world celebrating ephemera, immersive listening experiences, book making and Lamination Rituals. He also loves making and sending postcards. ( Doing business as Egnekn, Montgomery is the Minister of Lamination in The Kingdoms of Elgalnad-Vargaland. (


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