Susana López

País Spain

Susana López aka Susan Drone. Visually artist and experimental composer. Since 2009, I compose experimental, electronic, ambient, drone and post-minimalist music. In my compositions utilize field recordings, electronics and layers of vocal harmonics, creating dense clouds of hypnotic sound.
I like working with sound and light and exploring how these intangible materials can act as catalysts focusing our consciousness and alter our perception.

With six releases: Crónica de un secuestro (Elevator Bath, 2020), Huldra (Krystal Mine, 2020), Looms (2019), Four Sinusoids to Eliane (Important Drone Records, 2019), Megalitomanía (2014) and Vortex (2011). I have participated in compilations such as Super-Sensor, Murcia Materia Sonora, Oír Arte, 1 minute autohypnosis 39th CD, Musica Dispersa 01 – International Experimental Compilation, Microtopies 2013, 2014, 2016, El Arte y su sonido, and Tribute to Aram Slobodian.

I have performed live at Festival LEM 2019 (Barcelona), Festival VOLUMENS 2019 (Valencia), METROLAB 2019 (Alicante), SONS CREATIVOS 2019 (Lugo), HØST PUNKT 2018 (Norway), AADK 2018 (Murcia); FRENTE ELECTRÓNICO UNIDO 2016 (Murcia), MÚSICA DISPERSA (Madrid), EXPERIMENTADORES EN LA FONOTECA SONM 2016 (Murcia).

I have designed and produced sound art installations such as Transforming Landscapes (2018, Norway), Transforming Landscapes II (2019, Murcia), Transformando el paisaje III at CAB (2019, Burgos); Noosfera Sonora (2013, Murcia) and Sonorous Architectures, collective sound installation in CentroCentro (2013, Madrid).



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